VITAL Wellness

Are You Feeling Stressed And Overwhelmed? Having Difficulty Getting A Restful Night’s Sleep?

Do You Have A Desire To Follow An Exercise Regimen, But Struggle To Find One That Works For You?

Maybe You Find Yourself Skipping Meals Or Overeating…Or Choosing Unhealthy Foods Most Of The Time.

You want to wake up each day feeling refreshed.

You want to be active, healthy, and confident.

You want to have time for your career, friends and family, and self care – without the stress or overwhelm.

We can help.

With expert wellness coaching by VITAL Wellness, you can learn how to establish healthy habits that will have you living healthier and feeling better.

Our Services

 Wellness Coaching

Time to Thrive

Want to make sustainable lifestyle changes but feel like you don’t have time or don’t know where to start? The Time to Thrive membership will help you achieve your wellness goals in a supportive environment that fits into your already-busy schedule.

 Wellness Coaching

VIP Private Coaching w/ Amanda

If you have medical conditions you are trying to get under control or simply prefer more individualized support, this one-on-one program will provide the in-depth guidance and accountability you need to help you reach your wellness goals.