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We are hard workers. Go-getters. Overachievers.

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but we also believe in making time to kick back and care for ourselves and those we love.

We are passionate about helping professionals become the best version of themselves.

The Story of VITAL Wellness

from our Founder, Amanda Hollenbach

I started my career as an athletic trainer providing health care to high school sports teams.  Hours were long and my schedule was unpredictable.  After a few years I changed professions, working as a dietitian in hospitals where I quickly began to advance in management positions.  With these advancements came increasing responsibilities and more time devoted to my career.  I found myself working 60-80 hours each week and still answering work calls, texts, and emails on my personal time.  Vacations were shortened or cancelled and personal commitments broken because “the job” needed me.  I was considered a “workaholic” who preferred to spend time with my career rather than with friends and family – but that’s not who I really was.

By my early thirties I was already completely burnt out.  I gained 30 pounds in 3 months and barely slept.  I was arriving home after 12-14 hours each day too exhausted to exercise or prepare a healthy meal; my muscles ached and my nerves were stinging.  My personal relationships, which I valued most, were suffering.  To make matters worse, I came to learn that I was being laid off.  I was losing the job I had sacrificed so much for.

This was the wake-up call I hadn’t realized I so desperately needed.  It gave me the opportunity to examine what I really wanted for my career and personal life.  I knew I didn’t want to be tied to my career 24/7, unable to spend time with friends and family and constantly having to break personal commitments.  I was tired of allowing stress to have such a profound effect on my health, causing me to feel exhausted and sick all of the time.

 Wellness Coaching

The truth is, I had always dreamed of starting my own business.  I am passionate about helping others to improve their health and feel better about themselves.  I started VITAL Wellness because I strongly believe that the pursuit of career growth should not require the sacrifice of personal relationships and self care.  I hope to provide you with the support and guidance you need to create the balance you seek in your own life.

About Amanda

 Wellness Coaching

Amanda M. Hollenbach, MS, RD, LDN, LAT, CHWC

Founder, Wellness Coach

Amanda Hollenbach is a Registered Dietitian, athletic trainer, and Certified Health & Wellness Coach.  She has helped thousands to lead healthier lifestyles through better nutrition, increased physical activity, and implementation of healthy habits. 

Prior to founding VITAL Wellness in 2016, Amanda spent 8 years managing nutrition services in hospitals. She developed education programs, implemented outpatient nutrition services, and was instrumental in the institution of employee and community wellness programs.  Amanda has also worked with numerous athletic teams, conducted and published research, and presented at several conferences.

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